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Audit Firms in Dubai

SAB is one of the leading audit companies in Dubai. Businesses in UAE can get a lot of benefits from an audit report prepared by the best audit firms in Dubai with regulated auditors who are able of handling this matter for your business/company. It is also mandatory by the government of UAE for a company or a business to hire a licensed and approved audit firm in UAE to audit their company. As per the Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, companies are also expected to keep their financial records for five years.

SAB Auditing can help you. SAB is one of the leading best audit firms in Dubai, SAB’s years of experience in the UAE market give us the extensive knowledge that clients need for a successful audit that ensures that the company is heading in the right direction.

SAB is an approved audit firm in UAE and we provide quality audit services in Dubai that help them avoid and eliminate problems and issues that are present in their company. SAB is an up-to-date firm that is well aware of the advanced audit terms and is always in the loop with any changes in the principles of auditing and the accounting world to make sure that we are on par with international standards. SAB Auditing of Accounts provides different types of audit reports, Learn more.

What is Audit?

The audit is an assessment and examination of a company’s financial statements. The audit is an activity that ensures that the books of accounts are maintained properly and that to be aware of whether what they present on their financial records is true and fair or not. Audit companies in Dubai will make sure that the audit report is in line with the International Auditing Standards (ISA).

There are two types of audit, Internal audit, and financial audit which is also known as external audit and it depends on a company how wants to examine and analyze itself.

An internal audit is usually done by companies themselves in order to make sure that they are following the laws and principles or their own policies. An internal audit helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s internal records. An external audit is what is mandated by the government of the UAE. A financial audit helps a company minimize the risks and make a plan for the growth of the company.

What is the Importance of an Audit?

Auditors in UAE can contribute to both internal and external audits in different but essential ways. The audit is extremely important for a company or a business regardless of the size of the company. There are many advantageous things that a company can get from having their company be audited because of the errors or issues or even fraud that can be disclosed when an audit is done in a company. After getting to know about the mistakes, then a company can make a plan for the solutions that can be applied in order to eliminate those issues and even avoid them from happening again.

Audited financial statements are necessary for investors, lending institutions, banks, etc. to be reviewed before they agree on investing in or lending to a company. They basically take a decision on the financial status of a company. They need to be sure that the company they are investing in is worth of their investment or that the company they are giving loans to can actually pay back what they owe.

Auditing companies in Dubai are providing audit services in Dubai as it is mandatory for all businesses to hire an audit firm in Dubai the government of UAE.

What is an Audit Report?

The audit report is where the details about the audit, the things that have been noted by the auditor, and the solutions suggested are written. It is a report that is given to the upper hierarchy of a firm.

An audit report gives insight into the business. It gives a financial review to the business owners in order to find out how to use the cash to operate a business and assume risks. SAB prepares an audit report which follows all the standards, learn more about Audit reports.

SAB is one of the approved audit firms in Dubai and provides high-quality audit services in Dubai In order to meet the requirements of the company. SAB is also providing the services of Tax Audit in UAE.

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