July 11, 2018


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Auditing & Assurance Services

SAB is ranked among the top audit firms in Dubai. Our Audit techniques are managed with optimal care, high efficiency, and a maximum professional approach. Our clients only deserve the best and our vast experience in UAE will assure you that your company will receive the best and most timely auditing and assurance services without compromising quality.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

SAB is one of the top accounting companies, our sharp and experienced accountants will take care of all the activities which are relevant to the accounts such as accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll management, and cash management. Our accounting and bookkeeping methods are very up-to-date and according to the latest techniques.

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VAT Services

SAB is equipped with a team of thriving VAT specialists who can help your business to overcome expected roadblocks such as lack of familiarity with VAT rules & regulations, structure and compliance issues, lack of resources, and lack of a compliant accounting system. SAB is covering all types of services related to VAT. SAB is approved by Federal Tax Authority.

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Business Setup Services

Our experts collaborate with the client & help them in every possible way to set up a business in UAE of varying sizes. Our collaboration will help you in the smooth processing of all the stages of a business setup in Dubai. Our connections & the healthy relationships of our experts with the government make us distinct from others & this will save you from exhaustion and it will save your money.

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Feasibility Study Services

Our feasibility experts study thoroughly, look deep inside & analyze every tiny detail to determine whether a decision is feasible or unfeasible for the business. Our Feasibility experts are capable of conducting a qualitative study about feasibility by giving you a detailed report consisting of the factors which are going to influence your project along with the minimization of the risk and cash flow and forecasting.

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VAT Consultancy Services

SAB Consultants will perform a VAT impact assessment & structure your business in the most effective & efficient manner with regards to VAT & filing of VAT returns, in accordance (FTA) requirements.
SAB will take care of all the elements of VAT & provide you with advice in light of the latest changes in the VAT laws and VAT rules. SAB will also assist you in every kind of affair regarding Dubai Customs

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Audit Services | Accounting Services | VAT Services | Tax Agent Services

Internal Audit Services

SAB internal audit will help management to understand the nature of risks or threats that will affect the performance of the company & they will be able to manage & overcome the risk in a proficient way. The efficiency and effectiveness of operations such as the reliability of financial operations, management reporting, and compliance with laws & regulations are integral parts of internal audit.

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Financial Advisory Services

SAB financial consultants in UAE helped a lot of companies and their pearl of wisdom assisted them to achieve their financial objectives by improving their ability to fund new products and markets, pay down debt, and undertake strategic initiatives. Our consultants put maximum effort to bring productivity in routine transactional processes by forming a strategic value of finance functions.

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VAT Training Services

SAB VAT training course offers & covers a broad range of VAT topics. The well-trained staff makes better decisions which result in minimized VAT costs, more accurate VAT returns, and reduced VAT penalties for errors. Many VAT decisions are taken without knowing so, and their impact can often be overlooked. With comprehensive VAT training, staff will become more confident and make better VAT decisions.

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Tax Agent Services

SAB is an approved tax Agent in UAE by Federal Tax Authority (FTA), we are always updating ourselves with the latest news and updates of the law. It will not be always possible for companies and businesses to look after the tax affairs and tax matters and resolve them with the (FTA) by itself. It is necessary for companies to appoint a tax agent in UAE to handle tax matters. SAB is providing the best tax agent services in Dubai.

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Company Liquidation Services

SAB takes responsibility for all the tasks for closing your business in Dubai by simplifying all the legal procedures & assist you in the company liquidation process. Company liquidation is a lengthy process, consisting of some major steps such as cancellation of all the visas and trade licenses, clearance of all the utility bills, closing down the bank accounts, and the preparation of the final audit report.

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Accounting Software Services

FINAX is one of the incomparable accounting software which is VAT Compliant and has various mind-blowing features with a different number of users according to the demand and requirement of the customer.
FINAX is the solution for all of your Finances and Taxes. FINAX full suite has additional features and functions which make it more capable as compared to much other accounting software.

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